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Micro E-mini Futures. Now trading. Live.

A New Kind of Trade Room... 

With a Front Seat View !

trade better, live better

Micro Trading Made Simple


Learn how to trade the Micro E-mini futures!    The Micros  make trading today's markets much more accessible, and manageable, for smaller traders. 

No more managing your trades 

based on emotion...

learn how to trade based on logic!

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Live Trading Room


Watch us trade our live trading account! 

You'll see trade executions 

in Real Time 

as we enter, manage, and exit our positions!

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How We Trade


What does “active trade management” mean?

Professional traders scale into and out of positions.  

This is how I trade, 

this is how I teach you to trade. 

This is how I manage my positions  

without feeling pressure. 

This is why so few of my trades 

end up as full stops. 

It’s based on logical risk control.  

I manage trades as they unfold, 

according to specific guidelines.

 THIS is what Active Trade Management 

is all about!

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Our Methodology


Explaining Context,

and / or what drives the market

Defining the playing field, narrative,

what should and shouldn't happen

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F A Q' s


You have questions, we have answers. 

Here you'll find our most frequently asked questions....don't hesitate to email or 

call if you have any further questions!

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Unlimited daily access in the TTM Live Trade Room, full indicator package, weekly Advanced training webinars, 1 on 1 mentoring, & 

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